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46,Bourtree Cres, Law ML8 5GH UK

Tel: 07955990380


Working together to awaken your inner potential

Courses Offered

Reiki One Course cost £80 over one day

Reiki 2 course cost £160 over one day

Reiki 3 course cost £240 over 2 days

Teacher/ Master course cost £320 over 3 days

Learn how to heal yourself and other members of your family. Learn the history about Reiki, how it works and be attuned to Reiki on this one day course.

Learn how to do Usui How We Use Reiki

A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated.

The basic element of life energy is the essence of this healing practice. Because this is so, Reiki can be used in any situation where there is a desire for and openness to healing. Culturally, we know little about this element of life energy. It is in the practice of the art, consciously being with this energy, that we learn more and become more aware.

The form of treatment is simple while comprehensive. The basis of the practice is self-treatment and treatment of others within the realm of family and friends. The student learns the technique for self-treatment, treatment of others, and for first aid applications. Beginning students have the capacity to give a good treatment.

"Receiving Reiki, I felt like I was floating on water, then in air. Felt very peaceful and at ease. I receive it for Stress and Anxiety and felt calm afterwards"- Catherine Drysdale

Why and When to Use This Therapy

Human beings are energy systems. If we accept this premise, then life energy is the essential and most basic element of the human energy system. We suffer when we don't have enough energy to carry out our life functions or when we, as energy systems, are out of balance. The effect of receiving a Reiki treatment is that our supply of life energy is increased and we return to balance. In this state of balance and renewed energy we can heal.

The Usui System of Reiki Healing is first a healing practice focusing on self-treatment. Daily practice is ideal. The practice balances and strengthens the functions and health of the physical body, enhances relaxation and self-awareness, and quiets and nourishes the spirit. Out of the practice of self-treatment, it becomes natural to treat family and friends with the same benefits.

Applying Reiki is practical and useful. It accelerates and strengthens any healing process from bruising to chronic illness to mental/emotional imbalance. Reiki can be used at any time and in any situation when we can lay our hands on ourselves or another.

Pm me for more information at

Reiki one

Charkas Alignment course

Cost £240

Date to be confrimed

For 12 sessions

Learn about the 12 Charkas and how these energy powerhouses in our body can affect our energy, our health, our personalities, our organs within the body and also what blockages can be in place when the Chakras are not balanced. Learn ways to help the chakras to move in balance to improve health and remove the blocks that may stop us moving forward in our journey.

Over 9 months 12 chakras are explored. Working from your Earth star Chakra to the Stella gateway.

Find out how each chakra affect us physically emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Discover which Arch Angels are linked to each chakra, how to tune in to each chakra, how to balance each charka through meditation, movement,,colour, sound and food. Also how to understand the effect charkas have on our health and emotional well being 

chakra course deposit
Charka alignment course


Beginners course

Date to be Confirmed

Cost is £240 in October for the full year

This course will be starting in November and will be meeting one day per month for initially 12 months. Course work will be sent to you via email to complete and send back to me

Will meet one day per month to discuss course work, answer questions and practice exercises


Contents of course

General Beliefs and Practices. History of Wicca. Different Traditions.

Wiccan Attitudes Towards Deity. The Great Wheel of the Year. The Deities of the Witches. The Divine Feminine. The Divine Masculine. A Variety of Goddesses and Gods,The Opening of the Temple. Preparing the Space. The Altar. Casting the Circle.Consecration of the Cakes and Ale. Taking Down the Temple. The Opening of the Temple, Coven Version, Tools of the Trade. Consecration and much more

For more information call/text me 07955990380 and leave a message or message me at



                              ONE TO ONE WELLNESS COURSE OVER ZOOM

         Teach yourself how to be well, with one hour taster sessions over 6 weeks. 

 Learning about Tapping, Meditation, Breathing, Energy, Crystals and Ho'oponopono.

                                                       Cost £180

                        From more information call/ text me on 07955990380


                         PM me at